Home maintenance is not the same as repairs. In fact, when something’s are taken care of regularly then things will be prevented from breaking. Home maintenance is essential so that to prevent some of the incidents happening. Home maintenance can be challenging if you are a homeowner but it will be so helpful in the long run. In the prevention of some incidents that can be avoided. The good news about home maintenance it’s that you don’t need the experience to carry out some of them. Here is a list of some of the best home maintenance tips that are available.

Change the HVAC filters


Many experts will tell you that you should change the filters monthly, but that’s not bit necessary at all. If your family is small, then you will be okay with just changing the filters after every 2-3 months, you can just inspect the filter if it’s not that dirty the first month then you can change it. If it can last another month, then change it next month. Make sure that when choosing a filter you will be okay with the replacement option. Like with cheaper filters you will have to change them more often compared to if you have expensive filters.

Clean sink disposal

There are so many ways that the kitchen sink disposal can be cleaned. But the most effective one that has been effective for a long time is the vinegar ice cubes. It’s one solution that has proved to be so effective. If you have no idea how to get the vinegar ice cubes. What you should do is put some vinegar in one of those ice cube trays that are in the fridge and let it freeze. Then put the ice cubes in the sink disposal it will freshen it, and another thing that you will get as a bonus with this process is that the blades will be sharpened.

House deep clean


After every six months, you should take one Saturday with your family and make it a clean day. The day should be all about proper cleaning of the house, a deep cleaning day. A day that you can use to clean the house from top to bottom. Like, clean some of the places that you could not clean on the normal days.  Ask the kids to clean their rooms taking care of the appliances, dusting the basement and the windows ensure that after the cleaning, you will inspect everything.